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ConvertFAST is a utility for easily copy/pasting FAST owners and dogs into AgilityUnscrambled.


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Export from FAST

The first step is to export owners and dogs out of the FAST database and import them into ConvertFAST. This is a one-time process. After importing them into ConvertFAST, the data will be saved in a form that does not require FileMaker.
  • With your FAST database open, click the "Edit/Add Owners" button on the main screen. Make sure all records are selected - the "Show All Records" menu should be disabled. If it's not, click that menu to select all owners.
  • Next, export those records by selecting the "File -> Export" option
  • This will take you to the "Export Records to File" dialog. Select a name and location - and make sure you select "XML FIles" as the file type.
  • Set the options in the next dialog to look like:
  • The final step is to select the data to export. Make sure you set the data to "Current Table (Owner)". And the fields to export should be all - if this has never been done, you may not have the correct fields listed. In that case, just click "Clear All" and then "Move All". Finally, click "Export".
  • Repeat this process for Dogs. Obviously, in the last step, the Current Table is "Dogs", not "Owners".

Import to ConvertFAST

  • Start ConvertFAST. Under the File menu, select "Import...".
  • In the following dialog, select the 2 files you just exported above.
  • Save this file
The next time you start ConvertFAST, it will automatically reopen the last file. To move the data to a different machine, just copy the ".cfast" file you created (and the ConvertFAST executable!) to the new machine. When you start ConvertFAST, just open that cfast file.


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