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Select the utililty to download. Depending on your browser and browser setup you may be asked where to save the file. Take note of this location. If you are not prompted, check your browser configuration. (For instance, in FireFox, select the Tools->Options menu item, then click on 'Main'. There is a section pertaining to downloads - you can find where the browser saved your file there.)

Once you have downloaded the zip file (Windows), you need to unzip the executable within that. (If you're running on a current version of Windows, look for "Extract All..." in the context menu.) Copy it somewhere...

On a Mac, simply double-click the .dmg file to mount it. Then drag the utility to the desired location.


Utility for quickly adding gamble/snooker/etc points.

Simply enter a string of numbers and they will be summed up:


Utility for keeping track of a club's membership list.

Has the ability to generate several different reports and exporting data for use in Groups.io.


Convert Excel run data into a summarized form.

This is accomplished by copying/pasting data from Excel. The Excel data is in the form:
Armband, Handler, Call Name, Breed, Element, Level

It will generate a condensed listing of:
Armband, Handler, Call Name, Breed, Containers, Exc, Buried, Interiors

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