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This page is temporary and only for use during an actual show. Results/etc will move from here to the main PASA web page after the show.

Jun 1/2 2024

Location: Anderson Farm, 3987 N. Livermore Ave, Livermore CA
Judge: Judge Change Sue Graham

Worker Sign-up
General Information letter

Saturday, Small to Tall
Saturday Maps
Jumpers 1/2, Elite
Jumpers 1/2, Open
Jumpers 1/2, Novice
Gamblers 1, Elite, Open, Novice
Gamblers 2, Elite, Open, Novice
Regular 1/2, Elite
Regular 1/2, Open
Regular 1/2, Novice
Jumpers 1 Results
Jumpers 2 Results
Gamblers 1 Results
Gamblers 2 Results
Regular 1 Results
Regular 2 Results

Sunday, Tall to Small
Sunday Maps
Gamblers 3, Elite, Open, Novice
Gamblers 4, Elite, Open, Novice
Regular 3/4, Elite
Regular 3/4, Open
Regular 3/4, Novice
Jumpers 3/4, Elite
Jumpers 3/4, Open
Jumpers 3/4, Novice
Gamblers 3 Results
Gamblers 4 Results
Regular 3 Results
Regular 4 Results
Jumpers 3 Results
Jumpers 4 Results

High in Trial report

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